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Antler Foundry is a leading independent technology solutions consultancy, currently catering to multinational companies in a diverse range of industries we are able to custom cater IT solutions to each of these clients based on their requirements, technology and business industry. Currently providing services to clients in the aviation industry, solar energy, food solutions, courier services, international trading, corrugated cartons and packing and the fishing industry. We are able to provide remote assistance through Cisco backed solutions, customised software development, managed services provision, onsite technical support, server maintenance and provision and most importantly we provide you with a customized IT plan for your business encompassing all aspects of physical and virtual technology. Our strategic ties and partnerships with key players in the industry translate into a better service offering for you. Our client.


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Antler Assist

•  IT Support
• Software
• Troubleshooting
• Network support
• Cloud support
• On premise Engineers
• Hardware deployment & Maintenance

Antler Next Level

• G Suite Implementation
• Office 365 Implementation
• Platform Migrations
• Overall network security 

Antler Cloud

• Microsoft Azure
• Amazon Web Services
• G Suite
• Migration - from physical to cloud 

Antler Software

• Customized software solutions
• Adaptable and affordable
• Scalable
• Enterprise grade security 

Antler Holistic

• Holistic IT Solutions built exclusively for your SME.

Antler Networking

• Structured Network cabling
• Fiber Optics
• Cat 5e & 6 Cabling
• Dynamic and Static network cabling

Antler Geek

• Onsite technical consultations and repairs by a qualified engineer.

Antler Offshore Solutions

• Carry out company specific recruitment campaigns.
• Select your own team
• All the benefits of an outsourced team with all the benefits of an offshore team.


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Antler Foundry currently works as a IT Technology consultancy to Multinationals around the world. We have been able to provide custom built comprehensive IT solutions based on the most complex of needs.

Our partnerships with key vendors in the IT space translate into a holistic solutions for our client. Our team will be be able to set up all aspects of a business’s IT component from routers to servers, network clouds to localized intranet: we can do it all.

The key aspect of our service – keeping it affordable & keeping it current!

Custom built Software Solutions

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Efficiency and reliability are two key driving factors for any business in today’s competitive space. Antler Foundry is able to create custom built software packages and modules to automate the most complex of needs. From inventory management software to simple automation tasks we are able to create what the customer needs. 


Managed Service Provider

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We at Antler Foundry are an IT MSP: we are able to provide the following services remotely.  We are currently able to provide the following solutions: 

  • Software – production support and maintenance

  • Authentication

  • Systems management

  • Data backup and recovery 

  • Data storage, warehouse and management

  • Network monitoring, management and security

  • Human Resources and Payroll – through the provision of a 3rd party vendor app.

Business Intelligence

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Companies have ever evolving needs, these needs evolve with the technologies that are being offered. We at Antler Foundry can provide you with a comprehensive migration solution and policy to ensure that the migrations is done.

  • Cost effectively - using the necessary migration tools, backups and data solutions

  • Efficiently with as little disruption as possible to existing work processes


Offshore Solutions

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We are able to offer companies all the benefits of an outsourced operation but with all the controls and identities that come with an offshore operation.

We work very closely with clients and involve them in the process, from the Ad campaign, interviewing to onboarding. Clients have a direct involvement. Ensuring the right candidates are hired.

We handle all the logistics and infrastructure so the client can focus on what really matters. 


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  Antler Foundry (Pvt) Ltd.

  11A, Mile Post Ave, Colombo 00300, Sri Lanka.

   +94 117 605904 


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